Hey guys Marc here, Just showing you the latest on GTA V characters. ASP would love to give credit to HassanAlHajry who is the creator of this film. ~ Marc Turner ( StellarLearner1 Co-Owner ) Advertisements

Black Ops 2 New Camo!

Hey Nathan here,telling you about the new Camo that you had to vote for to get. Here is a video about the new Camo’s that we have got. Thanks to Ali-A. Click here to leave a comment! ~Nathan (PenguinKiller52)

New GTA 5 Trailer

Hey Nathan here, Today I was looking up on YouTube and I found the New GTA 5 trailer. I hope you enjoy the video. Click here to leave a comment! ~Nathan (PenguinKiller52)

Possible DLC #3 Insurgence?

Hey Nathan here, I just found out about Insurgence and think it could be a possible DLC for BO2 but it is not confirmed yet. Tell us what you think below. Click here to leave a comment! ~Nathan (PenguinKiller52)

Free Giveaway Weekend !!!

Hey guys Marc here, This weekend we are planning to give away 400 Microsoft points so keep an eye on the website. Because the count down clock will start Friday and will end at 6:00pm on Saturday and the first person who gets the code typed in first will be the first winner for ASP giveway weekends and if…


Hey guys Marc here, ASP has recently heard that Black Ops 2 will be getting new prestige status pictures. But we are very sorry that we don’t know when we will be actually getting them, but we will keep you updated about them and make sure that we post as soon as we hear more information to…


The XBOX ONE is an ‘all in one system’ for playing games, watching TV and films, listening to music and browsing the web. The XBOX ONE had a built in Blue-ray movie drive and the use of video calling service Skype. The console will cost about £300 to £500 and will be out in shops…


Today the brand new xbox one has been released  and as Microsoft has said “Here today , built for tomorrow”. Also with this brand new console you get a brand new controller which is built for more comfort and unparalleled precision. ~ Marc Turner ( StellarLearner1 Co-Owner )

The XBOX ONE Released

Today Microsoft released the NEW XBOX, Microsoft would have called it the XBOX 720 but they had called it the…… ‘XBOX ONE’ Click here to leave a comment! ~Nathan (PenguinKiller52)