Black Ops 2 “ARMS RACE” – New Game Mode Call of Duty Multiplayer

Hey guys, Joe here!

A couple of days ago Treyarch released their brand new “Arms Race” game mode which they had been teasing us about for several weeks.

Well today I have a video I wanted to show you guys in case you hav’nt played the new game mode  or don’t have the game.

Basically “Arms Race”  is a Team Deathmatch variant which allows you to have 150 points per kill instead of the usual 100. This is a great way to get killstreakes like a 7 kill Orbital VSAT ( With Hardline ) .

If you can manipulate the game mode like I did then you may also get a double VSAT in one life.

Credit to Ali A for this amazing video.

What do you think of this new limited edition game mode? I hope they keep this gamemode or edit Team Deathmatch. What do you think?

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~Joe Foster ( Xbox LIVE GT: OMG its AcidA )


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