Assassin’s Creed from the Start

Hello fellow assassins, Emma here and today we’re going back all the way to 2007…well technically we’re going back to 1191 as Altair Ibn-La’Ahad (I’m not even going to try to say that), but not the point.

Due to the slowly approaching Black Flag, I thought it would be a good idea to go down memory lane to the series’ roots, where the plot was straightforward, you died if you even looked at the water and it took you 30 minutes to travel across The Kingdom to your destination because fast travel was apparently too easy.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit on-and-off about this game because it just took too long and tested your patience incredibly (well mine anyway)

Okay, so Altair in the first game didn’t have much character development so there wasn’t a lot of depth to this character, although they do improve this during the game’s sequels by adding more information and development during some scenes in Revelations.

The environment in the game was interesting in some areas but overall they weren’t very interesting to look at. Yes, I know during that time period, the architecture wouldn’t be brilliant but they could easily find ways around this.

Also, this is probably just me, but I would’ve liked it if there was more exploration of Abstergo instead of talking to Lucy and Vidic while reading their emails in secret. Desmond could’ve tried to escape and use his skills from the bleeding effect, so he’d get confused by his sudden abilities and eventually get caught and brought back to his room. He might’ve found a key that allowed him access to certain rooms and is forced to use stealth otherwise he gets caught and put into a coma. That would’ve been awesome.

Combat-wise, Altair was an able fighter and once you get used to all the different attacks and counters, it can be pretty easy (I’m still pissed off that after you drop to the lowest rank, you magically forget everything, even grabbing hold of a bloody ledge)

Well, I’ll shut up for now. I doubt you want to hear me moan throughout this post so I’ll finish with this: whoever thought it would be a good idea to put 100 f$$king flags in The Kingdom, forcing me to collect them because I’m a f$$king completionist…I just hate you. For Eternity.

Sorry about that, got a little carried away…um…I just leave these trailers here and I’ll go calm down…(walks away)

Official Trailer

Templar Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

Okay, I’m calm…whew, okay them. To finish off, I’m leaving another video showing the locations of all the flags in The Kingdom. If you can finish the entire video, you may understand why I was so annoyed with this bit. It will also show you what The Kingdom was like: a desert filled with guards, horses, the odd viewpoint…y’know, just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

See you guys later!

Flag locations Video

Credit to the lovely AssassinsCreedAction for the flag location video, even though I hate them.

See you next time with the brilliant Ezio Auditore

~Emma (TechnoNerd47)


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