A Game Sequel done Right

Hello, fellow Assassins.

Emma here continuing our recount on Assassin’s Creed while waiting for the upcoming Black Flag and this round, it is a fan favourite, Ezio Auditore da Firenze (even the name is epic!)

Official Trailer

What’s not to love: the interesting and greatly-detailed cities of Italy; the upgraded arsenal including two hidden blades, guns and even the weapons of the enemy (which includes a broom if you count the achievement ‘Spring Cleaning’); the ability to lure guards away with mercenaries, thieves and courtesans (the posh term for the Italian whores/prostitutes); it’s just bloody brilliant!

The down side: time missions, but I hate them in all games so it’s not completely AC2’s fault.

Even though my favourite AC is brotherhood, just seeing the jump between the first game to its sequel is just amazing.

Like Altair (even though he’s brilliant) in my opinion, he lacked a lot of depth with his character in the first game whereas with Ezio, you were involved with his story, from the deaths of his brothers and father to the battle with Rodrigo Borgia.

The environments in AC1 were very plain, basic and there wasn’t a lot of uniqueness to most of the cities (except for maybe Acre), unlike AC2 where the architecture of the buildings and cities was beautiful.

There’s also the very obvious Monteriggioni, Ezio’s villa/HQ and I’ve got to say, I loved rebuilding/upgrading the villa.

All right, I’ll stop ranting about AC2. I’m sure you’re getting bored so I’ll leave the main theme (Ezio’s Family).

Main Theme

I’ll see you guys later with a massive rant on AC3, my favourite.

Stay swift, Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood (all right, I’ll shut up)

~Emma (TechnoNerd47)


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