Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood!!!

First things first: I fricking LOVE this game; it is my favourite out of all the series so far!

Anyway, hello my fellow assassins and welcome to our third game in the countdown: brotherhood.

I’ll be honest, at the beginning of the game, I had a bit of trouble getting involved with the story but in later levels, there was one aspect I absolutely loved: the rebuilding and claiming of Rome.

Second aspect I loved to pieces: the Borgias themselves. They were interesting; they were engaging; they was a uniqueness to each character, especially the two main characters, Lucretia and Cesare: the incest couple.

Third aspect: the Assassin’s Bureau. Oh my God, I love this den. I loved how all my items were on display and I really loved the assassins you meet in there when they aren’t on missions.

The environments were beautiful and while I had difficulty during certain memories, the combat was easy to master and perform. I think the only problem I had was with some of the collectibles in the game but otherwise, I was happy.

Love this game to pieces; it will always be on my fav game lists.

~Emma (TechnoNerd47)


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