The Brand New Play Station 4

Hey guys, Marc here.

Just bringing you exclusive information on the play station 4 as is the brand new console from Sony which is the most expensive console they have ever made and much cheaper than the Xbox One. Well personally as a Xbox gamer I would chose the play station 4 over the Xbox One as Microsoft has made a large cock-up with the Xbox One. For example if you don’t play with the Kinect every day then you will end up getting lock out of playing for a couple of games.

People don’t want better motion gaming they just want a better console with wonderful graphics. That’s what Sony has done making the play station 4 , it comes in two colours which are black and white.



The Play Station 4 is not just a great console, its aesthetic features make it look sexy and futuristic and modern.  If I was ever to get the new console I would get it in white as it looks better  in my eyes and as the blue neon lights enhanced the white console it looks fantastic.

This image on show might not be true that the PS4 is coming in many colours but Sony might add them.


Marc Turner ~ ( StellarLearner1 )


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