Assassin’s Creed IV Multiplayer Characters

Hello fellow assassins,

Emma here and this post has been a long time coming but better late than never. Right, enough rambling, let’s get back to multiplayer.

First off, let’s take a look at the multiplayer characters:


Lady Black ~ Based off the image, she looks like a dual-wielding badass, preferring to pick off her enemies from afar than up-close and personal. While the sword at her side shows she can still defend herself in close-quarters, her specialty is gunpowder. She will probably be a ranged class.


The Rebel ~ She kinda reminds me of the executioner from Brotherhood multiplayer, her specialty being axes or throwing axes, that’d be interesting. Her fighting style will probably be less stealthy but she’ll still be able to handle herself in a fight


The Puppeteer ~ She kinda reminds me of The Thief from Brotherhood because of her short blade (or her throwing knife) and the fact that she’s probably the last woman you’d trust with…well anything besides stealing every ounce of money (and life) away from you. She will probably be a fast killer, preferring to deal death as quickly as she can before fleeing to safety and her next target.


The Duelist ~ Reminding me of The Captain from Brotherhood, like the girl with the axe, he’ll probably be an upfront fighter, trading stealth for power but same as the girl, he’ll probably be a disadvantage if he’s attacked at a distance by someone like our lovely Lady Black.


The Dandy ~ I’ve nicknamed him ‘The Posh Twit’ and he reminds me of The Noble from Brotherhood mainly because he looks posh (creative I know). He also reminds me of the priest where his enemies look up to him with respect before he kills them with a hidden dagger.


The Adventurer ~ Anyone else thinks he’s missing a parrot? He’s obviously the most traditional pirate out of the group with his trusty cutlass and large black hat. He could be like The Mercenary from Brotherhood, except with a larger blade. Unless another weapon is concealed underneath the large cape on his back.


He seems like The Engineer from Brotherhood, his assassinations will probably be more prepared and precisely executed than the other assassins. If his plans go wrong or if there’s a miscalculation, it will probably put him at a disadvantage, depending on how quick he can form another plan.


Possibly like the Footpad from Brotherhood, he will probably rely on stealth and discretion for his assassinations to be a success. He will probably be hard to target due to his swiftness of his assassination and his escape. Pick him off at a distance because an up-front fight might be…problematic.


Badass shooter over here probably has a similar style to our Lady Black except he looks like he can take a beating. His pistol will probably be his main weapon but up-front brutality doesn’t seem out of this guy’s league either.

I wonder how a battle between him and Lady Black would end up:


Source of media: All photos are collected from Google Images, which are produced from multiple websites.

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~Emma George ( GT: TechnoNerd47 )


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