Black Ops 2 Zombies – NEW DLC4 Map Pack 4 Gun! “Mauser Prototype CXS” Pistol (Maxis Creation)

Hey guys, Joe here. I have been meaning to post this post and now more recent information has came out I am able to post this for you guys. The post is about a possible upcoming Zombies Wonder Weapon and here it is.

The Mauser Prototype CXS Pistol. On Friday 2nd August, Treyarch sent out another teaser image for the upcoming DLC later this month. Image Below:

[ Click here to enlarge ]

This relates to the DLC Map for Zombies, and hints at the storyline. The image above is a NEW blueprint for a NEW weapon that Maxis designed back in 1915 called the Mauser Prototype CXS. This may be implemented into the next Zombies map as the special Wonder Weapon ( a special weapon with additional power seen in every Zombies map) .

How might the the Mauser Prototype CXS be implemented into the next Zombies map?

Source of media:        Credit to Treyarch for the Image of the new Mauser CXS Pistol and credit to MrDalekJD for the Youtube Video on the new   weapon and the possible theories relating to it. 

Thank you very much for checking out ASP Gaming daily and hope you keep enjoying ASP Gaming.

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~Joe Foster ( Xbox LIVE GT: OMG its AcidA )


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