Assassin’s Creed IV Multiplayer Modes

Hello fellow assassins,

Emma here with an update for AC4 multiplayer game modes.

These modes have been confirmed unless I state otherwise.

First on our list is the traditional but well-loved Wanted Mode

This is the basic mode where you’re given a contract to assassinate another player while being hunted by 1 or more other players. You get different amount of points depending on how you kill them and you can use different abilities to your advantage. Overall, this is your basic free-for-all but still very fun mode to play

Next is Frantic Mode

This is very similar to Wanted except you can only use pistols and certain abilities. Fancy that, an assassin that’s not allowed to stab someone.

Next is Unleashed Mode

This is a co-op mode introduced in AC3 where you and your partner must complete certain tasks from protecting chests to killing off the infected (not zombies) and so on. This mode requires constant teamwork to pull off so choose your partner carefully.

Next is…Discovery Mode?

Explained in the video, this is another co-op mode which is actually story-based this time.

These are all the confirmed modes for Assassin’s Creed 4 multiplayer and at the moment, though they’ll probably include more modes shown in previous games.

Some AC fans are not impressed by Ubisoft’s selection of game modes, making statements like:

The multiplayer is the same as brotherhood! Nothing has changed!

It seems Ubisoft needs to make a improvements to their multiplayer to keep the masses happy. I think I know the main reason why people are upset though:

No Multiplayer Naval Battles

I’m already disappointed, but I’ll have to wait to play the game before I can give my review.

Sources of Media: Credit to loomer979 and Eurogamer for the videos revealing the multiplayer modes.

~ Emma ( TechnoNerd47)


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