Black Ops 2 “ZOMBIES” – “ORIGINS” Storyline Cinematic Intro Cutscene!

Hello guys, Joe here! Hope you have been keeping up to date with Black Ops 2 and I have some more awesome news to share with you guys.

With less than a week remaining untill the Xbox 360 release of Black Ops 2 final map Apocalypse. Treyarch sent out a message on facebook confirming a new Cinematic Intro for the Origins zombie map a few days ago and today it has been released; a week before the confirmed release on August 27th. Treyarch is prepping for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′s fourth and final DLC called Apocalypse.

Like the Black Ops 2 map packs before it, it features four new multiplayer maps and a brand new Zombies experience. Origins, is a little different than previous maps as it revisits some old zombies characters whom we know from the first few Zombies experiences found in older Call of Duty games like World at War and Call of Duty Black Ops. The storyline will be a very critical aspect of the map to the skilled player but at this point in time, the orange colour of the Zombies eyes doesn’t look to be too relevant.

Check out this epic intro cinematic showing off the zombie-slaying skills of Tank Demspsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Dr. Edward Richtofen set to the music of Sevenfold’s latest music, “Shepherd of Fire”.

Black Ops 2 “ZOMBIES” – “ORIGINS” Storyline Cinematic Intro Cutscene!

Hope you enjoyed this and be sure to check out the other related posts if your interested in some other gaming news!

Source of media: Credit to MrDalekJD for this YouTube video covering Apocalypse in as much detail as possible!

~Joe Foster ( Xbox LIVE GT: OMG its AcidA )


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