Assassin’s Creed ‘The Watch’

Hello fellow assassins,

Emma here with a post about a lovely program in preparation for Black Flag, The Watch.


The Watch is a VIP programme especially for the people who have pre-ordered Black Flag Special Edition. You’re given a special code which you enter into the website to give you access (I’m still waiting for the bloody code from GAME)

Anyway, becoming a member of The Watch give you access to extra information, exclusive content and rewards and also a quest specially designed for VIP members. It also allows you to talk with fellow VIP members on forums and compare each others skills.

Personally, I think the addition of ‘The Watch’ is a nice little bonus content for pre-ordering the game. Nothing special but still a lovely program.

The  bonus content mentioned before is the Treasure Map Pack.

This Map Pack unlocks 4 areas in the game:

  • Andreas Island
  • Cage Island
  • Florida
  • GAME exclusive Havana

In each of the four locations, there are hidden items like a weapon or a costume that belongs to you throughout the game. You’ll also get a downloadable PDF map detailing the entire world of AC4.

So, what do you think of the VIP treatment?

Source of Media: Credit to Ubisoft for the youtube video and the image.

~ Emma ( TechnoNerd47 )


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