Assassin’s Creed IV Naval Battles

Hello fellow assassins,

Emma here with an update on Black Flag, this time focusing on naval battles (in single not multiplayer unfortunately)

Honestly, what is a pirate game without a pirate ship? The ship in question: The Jackdaw


It’s even got a pirate flag

The Jackdaw’s (not the bird) Schematics

  • 60m long
  • 48.5m high
  • 11.9m wide
  • 26 sails
  • It comes with 6 cannons with additional slots for another 50.
  • Upgrades for this include four swivel guns, explosive mines, round shot, heated shot, chain shot and naval rams.
  • It also comes equipped with a diving bell for exploring the sea floor.

Strategy is very important during naval battles and is key to winning the hardest of naval battles and taking over forts. Once you’ve taken over a fort, it will fight for you and attack enemy ships.


The Jackdaw can’t be the only ship sailing the Caribbean waters. Let’s take a look at the enemy ship classes you’ll be facing in the game. These ships can be boarded and, once you kill the captain, salvaged to repair the Jackdaw or even recruit the sailors for your ship.


Here are the classes/information listed in the image above:

  • Gunboat  –  Small and nimble, the Gunboat is a support vessel that is good as a scouting force for the larger battle fleets

Armaments – 2 cannons

  • Schooner  – A cowardly ship that plays the support role is fast, scouting ahead and trapping enemy forces with ‘Fire Barrels’

Armaments – 6-8 cannons, Fire Barrels

  • Brig  – The Brig is a fast attack ship that uses a Rammer to finish off damaged enemies. In a fleet, they are used for flanking tactics

Armaments – 24 cannons, Rammer

  • Frigate  – The backbone of any naval force, the Frigate is a well-rounded vessel that combines good speed and agility with impressive offensive and defensive abilities.

Armaments – 24-46 cannons, Heavy Shot

  • Man of War – Man of War are the true terror of the Caribbean. Incredibly tough and well-armoured, the can take down whole ships single-handedly

Armaments – 26-50 cannons, Rammer, Fire Barrels, Naval Mortar, Chain Shot, Heavy Shot


Here’s a little strategy map detailing the best uses for some of the ships weaponry depending on the situation.

Source of Media: Credit to Ubisoft’s The Watch for the images, Gamescom for the Naval Fort Trailer video and CommunityGame for the Naval Exploration Gameplay video.

~ Emma ( TechnoNerd47 )


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