Bioshock Infinite DLC Clash in The Clouds

Hi guys Ash here the newest member of the ASP gaming team I will be writing about the first DLC for the game of Bioshock infinite called clash in the clouds.

This map pack includes four brand new challenge maps witch are:

– ravens dome

– the ops zeal

– duke and dimwit theatre

– emporia arcade

in these new four maps you play as the hero of bioshock infinite main story line Booker Dewitt  and you have to fight off wave of fearsome enemies witch are :

– the handyman

– the motorized patriot

– the fireman

– the zealot of the lady

– the siren

– the hordes of Columbia

returning in this Dlc are the all powerful vigors witch are :

– possession

– devils kiss

– murder of crows

– bucking bronco

– shock jockey

– charge

– undertow

– return to sender

And also you have new blue rippon challenges witch is stuff like complete a hole with with just a pistol thing like that.

New maps, New achievements, new leaderboards and a new load of fun. this map pack is only 400 Microsoft points so go out and have some fun. hope you enjoyed this post is my first and I hope not the last so yer thanks for reading.

posted by Ashley (ashleyorme)


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