Limited Xbox Live Core Services Down – Xbox 360

According to Xbox LIVE, certain Xbox 360 console won’t be able to connect to Xbox Live as they have taken down one of the core Xbox LIVE servers.

Early this morning, I personally experienced issues before heading offline despite having good connection on the American servers at 24/05/2014 00:36:34 GMT: 

When I woke up around 10:00AM Local BST time in the UK I had connection issues getting online because my console connected to the core servers in which were down for maintenance. To solve this, simply reset and your Xbox and test your internet connection so it deliberately connects to one of the functioning servers.

This will cause certain players to have no access to Xbox Live this weekend however the free gold weekend can always be arranged for you guys.

Here is what Xbox had to say about it:

Xbox LIVE Status Alert Full


Error code: 8015190A is currently being fixed right now and I shall ensure that this post will be updated throughout the day!

~The Flocho

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