Watch_Dogs – The Wait Is Finally Over!

Hey guys James again, and that’s right! Watch dogs finally landed on all consoles today – And what a game to have waited for – this game has had about as many delays as Heathrow airport and more (let me put it into context – this game was supposed to come out NOVEMBER LAST YEAR – Yeah, I’m expecting a lot from these guys) But anyway, lets have a look what Watch_Dogs is all about shall we?

The Story

The story of Watch Dogs follows Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker and a former thug. Almost a year after his actions led the death of his niece, Lena, Aiden seeks to bring his own form of justice to the culprits by manipulating Chicago’s CtOS, or Central Operating System, a supercomputer that controls every piece of technology in the city and contains information on all of the city’s residents and activities which can be used for various purposes. (You’ve hacked this computer by the way so now you can do everything that the computer does – How Cool is that!? You have complete control of the city in the palm of your hand!)

A special hacking program in Aiden's phone enables him to control everything with a connection in the city - CCTV to ATMs, Traffic lights to trains

A special hacking program in Aiden’s phone enables him to control everything with a connection in the city – CCTV to ATMs, Traffic lights to trains

The story line of Watch Dogs game is built around the concept of information warfare, data being interconnected, and the world’s increasing use of technology—questioning who exactly runs the computers they depend on. The game is set in an alternate version of Chicago, Illinois, which is one of many cities to feature a supercomputer known as CtOS. In the game’s universe, the Northeast blackout of 2003 was found to be caused by a hacker, prompting the development of the CtOS computer (sorta ironic that this computer was created to STOP hackers and has kinda been hacked itself don’t you think?)

The Character

Aiden Pearce was born in Belfast – Northern Ireland on May 2nd, 1976, the game implies that Aiden’s mother took both him and his sister to the United States in order to escape their father. After he left Ireland and became an Official citizen in the US, Pearce created a name for himself on the wrong side of the law – creating an extensive criminal record and becoming notorious for his knowledge of hacking and his skills in social engineering, he’s made the acquaintance of various underworld figures and built up rep for being a damn good hacker and a thief .


Aiden Pearce – The protagonist of Watch_Dogs

Unfortunately All actions come with a consequence, and although I do not know the full details, Aiden’s actions  led to the death of his niece Lena at the hands of his enemies (Who so far I assume to be high ranking mobsters etc.)

After the death of Lena, Pearce is now out for revenge against the people that are still bent on his destruction. Driven by guilt and a primal need for survival, Pearce sets about tracking down those who have spread misery and pain into his life.

Becoming a vigilante has added a number of crimes to his already standing list of felonies, of which now include computer fraud, possession of firearms, and grand larceny. Along with resisting arrest and firing at police, Pearce now has a bench warrant for immediate arrest.

The System (CtOs)

The CTOS is produced by the Blume Corporation and controls all electronic infrastructure within Chicago. The system is the fundamental weakness of city, as it can be hacked into through a collection of backdoor viruses and used as a weapon against the city and the people who live there. (So basically what you’re doing….)
The CTOS also stores information on each inhabitant of the city in Control centres and gathers new information with the help of surveillance. Various control centres (data servers) are dotted around Chicago, which can be taken control of, along with CTOS towers, allowing the controller to access the information it stores and the mechanisms it controls. Various communication sites are placed between the centres, allowing for quick transfer of data over large distances.

The CtOs system has the ability to view if a civilian is about to be involved in a crime.

The CtOs system has the ability to view if a civilian is about to be involved in a crime.


Overall I believe this game is going to be awesome and I for one cannot wait to get it and have a go at controlling absolutely everything in the city of Chicago – still want a little insight? Well – Alright then – here’s the official launch trailer


Enjoy Hacking!



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