Steam Consoles arriving 2015!

Hello guys, Joe here with another post for you epic people. Today, I have news about the new Steam console coming next year with a few images of what the new gameill look like, aswell as confirmation on the release of this new console.

Valve’s Steam console has been delayed to 2015 because of its sleek new design and controller invention.

Origin PC - Chronos Steam Machine

Steam’s prototype for their gaming console.

In a Steam community post, Valve’s Eric Hope said that the hardware was being held back while the company tests and improves the Steam Controller. So, you are probably thinking by now reading through this post that this console has been delayed to 2015 because of its controller, therefore the controller itself needs to outperform its rival companies, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, to tailor for its audience.

Here is what the new controller that is under currently developing throughout this year.

Valve's latest Steam Controller prototype

Promising the best gaming experience possible, Hope said that “Valve will keep fans updated when new information is available.”

With prices ranging around $499 (£304) Valve unveiled the Steam Console earlier this year at CES 2014 in January.

Powered by Valve’s SteamOS, the company’s Steam Machines aim to bring cutting-edge PC gaming to the living room.

The company revealed the redesigned Steam Controller earlier in March. Therefore I think I should leave this epic informational overload of a post with a gameplay video of the new creatively inspired Steam controller considering we have another year to wait before it releases.

~The Flocho

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