Achievement Guide

Hello, fellow completionists.

Emma here with the achievements guide for AC: Brotherhood.

Total Achievements: 60 (13 are story-based and will unlock by completing the game)

Online Achievements: 10 achievements for multiplayer

DLC Achievements: 10 (DLC will interfere with the ‘il Principle’ achievement)

Missable Achievements: Mailer Daemon / Dust to Dust

Main Story Achievements

Technical Difficulties (10g)

Attempt to enter DNA Sequence 9 for the first time

You’ll get this one right at the beginning of the game so nothing to worry about

Completing DNA Sequence 1-9 will give you 9 achievements with 180g

Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (20g)

Find a safe place to hide and re-enter the Animus

Again, you’ll get this at the beginning of the game so don’t worry about it

A Knife to the Heart (50g)

Secure the Apple of Eden

What’s a game without the ‘Finish the Game’ achievement? You’ll net this 50g when the credits roll

Perfect Recall (30g)

Achieve 100% synchronisation with a sequence

Easiest to do with Sequence 3 ‘The Fighter, The Lover and The Thief’. You have to complete all secondary objectives during a main mission to achieve 100%

Memory 1 – Don’t be detected while reducing notoriety. Stay undetected until you return to the Thieves Guild.

Memory 2 – Kill only the Borgia Captain

Memory 3 – Don’t swim

Memory 4 – None

Déjà Vu (20g)

Replay a Memory

Available during Sequence 2, just select a completed memory in a sequence and enter the memory to unlock the achievement. After that, you can just leave the memory.

Tomb Achievements (6 for a total of 120g)

Discover and complete the 6 tombs in Rome

^ What the achievement said

Bang! / Splash! / Boom! / Kaboom! (80g total)

Destroy the machine gun, the naval cannon, the bomber and the tank

These are Leonardo’s machines and you’ll have to kill the Overseer people to retrieve the map and find the machine’s locations. Remember, these are side-missions and are not apart of the main missions.

Home Improvement (20g)

Upgrade 5 buildings in the Antico District

The Antico District is the southern-most district in Rome. You must destroy the Borgia tower to unlock the ability to renovate buildings in the specific area of the district. Once you do, just renovate 5 buildings and you’ll get the achievement.

Tower Offence (20g)

Destroy all Borgia Towers

You’ll know what these towers are during DNA Sequence 1 and if you look at the Borgia Influence section on the map which tells you their locations and what areas you haven’t saved yet. Just eliminate all the towers around Rome and then the achievement will pop.

Show Off (20g)

Complete 10 guild challenges

These challenges are posted on the chalkboards in the Barracks, Guild and Brothel that you unlock during Sequence 3. Just complete 10 challenges from these boards and you’ll unlock the achievement. Remember, that all 10 challenges don’t have to be from the same board like in the Barracks.

.. .- — .- .-.. .. …- . (20g – I think it’s supposed to be morse code?)

Solve all of Subject 16’s puzzles (again)

Perfectionist (20g)

Earn 3 gold medals in the Animus Virtual Training

There are 4 categories in Virtual Training:

  • Free Run
  • Stealth Assassination
  • Locate
  • Combat

You need gold in three challenges in any section (they can all be in the same section). The first 3 free-run challenges are generally quite easy but it depends on which areas you’re good at.

Brotherhood (20g)

Recruit 3 Assassins

You’ll recruit 2 assassins during the main story and will unlock the ability to recruit others. Just recruit another and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Welcome to the Brotherhood (20g)

Train a recruit up to the rank of Assassin

When one of your recruits reaches the end of level 9, you’ll get a cutscene once you return to the Hideout that shows the recruits’ initiation into the Brotherhood.

Capture the Flag (30g)

Retrieve all Borgia flags in Rome (Assassin’s Creed 1 trained me for this achievement)

Note: You can also buy a map from an Art Shop after you complete the shop quests

In Memoriam (20g)

Collect all Feathers

Note: You can also buy a map from an Art Shop after collecting 25 flags

Dust to Dust (20g)

Find 1 Artefact in the Present

This achievement is missable because after the final memory sequence, you can’t go back to the present. There are 5 artefacts that you can collect from Monteriggioni, but collecting all of them doesn’t give any bonus except to look pretty on the metal shelves in the sanctuary.

  • Claudia’s Record Book: Leave the sanctuary and turn back into the room. The book is just in the corner of the room on the right but hug the wall as you collect it otherwise you may teleport back into the sanctuary.
  • Maria’s Feather Box: On the highest point on the villa’s roof, it’s in the hole.
  • Medici Cape: On the altar in the church
  • Mario’s Sword: Head south from the fighting ring and then right. It’ll be hidden underneath a tree in a rock.
  • Ezio’s Belt: From the sword, head down the alley then left. Head to the end and up the wall and it’ll be in the corner.

Serial Killer (20g)

Perform a speed kill streak of 10

This is when you kill someone by doing a counter (block and press X when you’re being attacked) and press X by pushing the analogue stick to another enemy to automatically kill them. Just do this on the Animus Training tutorial and you’ll get this achievement eventually.

Spring Cleaner (10g)

Kill a guard with a broom

Run into someone holding a broom and they’ll drop it. Just pick up the broom, find a guard and beat the crap out of him. You’ll get the achievement when he goes down.

Your Wish is Granted (10g)

Throw money in a well

Go on the radial menu and select the coin image. Find a well and press X to throw the money in and this easy achievement is yours

Fly like an Eagle (10g)

Jump with a parachute off the top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo

You have to destroy all of Leonardo’s war machines to unlock the parachute. The Castel is the large circular building in the restricted section. You must climb to the top where a flagpole with a red flag is and climb up the pole so your balancing on its point. Jump and wait a moment before triggering the parachute otherwise the achievement may not unlock.

The Gloves Come Off (10g)

Win the highest bet at the Fights

The fights are the fights happening below the Barracks. You’ll need loads of florins in case you lose the bets. There are 5 fights to partake in; complete 4 fights and increase the bet to 500 florins for the final fight and win. To win, you’ll need to defeat 5 mercenaries in 40 seconds.

Strategy: You can only use your fists so literally spam X and do counters to save time.

Mailer Daemon (20g)

Access you email in 2012

This achievement is also missable for the same reason Dust to Dust is. Just leave the Animus when you can and access the computer next to Altair to enter your email. Just click on Desmond’s account to unlock the achievement.

Multiplayer Achievements

Synchronisation Established (10g)

Complete an entire session with at least one kill

You can earn this achievement by just following the introductory session if you’re new to Multiplayer

Needle in a Haystack (5g)

Kill your target while hidden in a hay bale

Basically hide in a hay bale and don’t move until a target is moving by and kill them. I don’t suggest doing this while you are being pursued but this can be achieved by boosting during a private match. Otherwise, just hope for the best during a public match

Strong Closer (20g)

Take the lead 10 seconds before the match ends and go on to win

You can only be first place during the very last  ten seconds of the match and can be very difficult to do this during a public match. This achievement is probably easiest to do during a private match.

Fast Learner (25g)

Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds

You need a target while being a target for this to work. This is easiest during a private match: make your pursuer run in a circle while you kill your target and stun your pursuer for an auto-escape.

Job Skills (20g)

During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape

You need a target while being a target for this to work and your target needs to be aware of you and you need to be aware of your pursuer.

During this moment, kill your target and escape your pursuer. This is easier during private matches.

Download Complete (40g)

Reach level 50

This can take a long time to do but with time and patience, you’ll eventually get this.

Overachiever (20g)

Score 750 points or more from a single kill

You can do this in private matches but basically look from the bonuses menu on Multiplayer to find the perfect combo to complete this with. It’s most likely you’ll get this from killing a random player like I did

Abstergo Employee of the Month (20g – should’ve been alot more)

Get every bonus at least once

This is one of the most difficult achievements to unlock: you cannot do this until you’re level 29 and there are so many bonuses to achieve, it’s hard to keep track so here’s a link to a guide for this achievement to aid you.

Ahead of the Curve (20g)

Perform a double or a triple escape

You’ll need two or more people chasing after you at the same time and escape them by either hiding from them or stunning them. You won’t unlock this by having two or more pursuers after you but you’re only being chased by 1.

The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC Achievements

Strong-Arm (10g)

Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon and a Smoke Bomb more than 10m at a guard

  • Smoke Bomb: It’ll be easier to climb a building onto the roof and throw a bomb at a guard from there.
  • Long Weapon (Spear): Kill a guard with a spear and steal it. Then find a guard whose not moving and move as far away from him while staying within the range of targeting and throw it at him
  • Heavy Weapon: You can buy these from blacksmiths and they’re usually hammers. So do the same thing you did with the spear and the achievement should unlock

High Roller (20g)

Win 10,000 florins playing Hazard

You can only wager 7,500 on the first roll so you’ll need to win the first roll to bet 10,000. You can play Hazard in the Thieves Guild and just press X and roll the dice and it’ll eventually unlock. It may take a while because it’s literally just luck

il Principle (100g)

Receive 100% synch in the main story missions and the DLC missions

You’ll need 100% synch in Brotherhood Missions and DLC Missions

Airstrike (20g)

Kill 10 guards in a single firestorm

The first time to find enemies in the DLC, there will be exactly ten. Just try to gather them all in  a bunch an call a firestorm and it should kill them all, unlocking the achievement. If not, you’ll need to restart the mission

GPS (20g)

Complete the Da Vinci Disappearance

^ What the achievement said

Clowning Around (30g)

Beat up 5 thirsty harlequins

Harlequins are the people dressed up like sinister clowns. You may have to keep revisiting the area if they die by anything other than your fists or they just don’t appear. They are all along the river.

I. The First Harlequin is in Centro District North and a bit west beside the river. He is between the Highest Doctor symbol on the map and the second Highest Tunnel Entrance. He is on some stairs going into the water.

II. The Second Harlequin is in Centro District North West beside the river again. He is to the East of the Bridge that goes to Vanticao District. Starting from the beginning of the bridge, if you use your map and go along the river East you will see a shaded area with a lighter circle in the middle. Go North of that circle and you will see a set of double stairs. He is on those stairs.

III. The Third Harlequin is in Centro District West beside the river. Go to ROSA IN FIORE and go directly west from there. He is on a set of stairs again.

IV. The Fourth Harlequin is in Centro District South East under a bridge beside the river. Go to Ezio’s Hideout and go DIRECTLY south of it. On your map you should see a Bridge that has lines going across it. He is under that bridge on the left side.

V. The Fifth and Last Harlequin is in Campagna District beside the Borgia Tower (Or Assassin’s Tower) that is surrounded by water and cliffs. If you use your map and go West slightly from the Borgia/Assassin’s Tower and then go slightly North, you will see a small rectangle that represents a small building. Go there and the Harlequin is behind the Small building along the edge of the cliff.

Special Delivery (20g)

Double assassinate from a parachute

Find two guards standing still next to each other and make sure you have plenty of parachutes in case you mess up. Climb up a building and press X as you jump off and glide to the enemies. The second it says Assassinate in the corner, press X and if you kill them both, the achievement will unlock.

Grand Theft Dressage (20g)

Steal 5 riders from their horses while remaining on horseback

This has to be done without getting off the horse and you basically assassinate the guards on horses and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Going Up (5g)

Kill a guard with a bag that drops from a lift

Get a group of guards to chase you towards one of the lifts that get you onto the rooftops quickly and wait until a few are right underneath before using the lift

Easy come, Easy go (5g)

Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket the money back

Increase your notoriety then find a herald on the map, pay him to lower the notoriety, then steal the money back.

Source of Media: Credit to XPlaythrough for the glyph location/solution guide and PowerPyx for the Borgia Flag and Feather location guides

~ Emma ( TechnoNerd47 )


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