Achievement Guide

Hello, fellow completionists.

Emma here with an achievement guide for AC2.

Total Achievements: 50 (18 are story-based and will be unlocked by completing the game)

Online Achievements: 0

DLC Achievements: 0

Missable Achievements: Flyswatter

The Birth of an Assassin (20g – Really? 20g? For pressing 4 buttons?)

Be reborn as Ezio

Right at the beginning of the game, perform the specific actions during the birth cutscene and it will Ā unlock

Arrivederci Abstergo (20g – Really, again?)

Break out of Abstergo

Watch the cutscene where you break out of Abstergo in the beginning of the game and then you’re done

Welcome to the Animus 2.0 (20g – I give up)

Enter the Animus

When you get to the hangout, you’ll be sent into the animus and the achievement will pop

You’ll get 360g for completing Sequence 1-14

Undertaker (20g)

Discover the first assassin’s tomb

You’ll get this by completing the main missions and eventually The Fox will show you where it is

Bleeding Effect (30g)

Finish training and re-enter the Animus

You’ll eventually be sent out of the Animus to train with Lucy and practise your assassin abilities. When you’re done, just go back into the Animus and it’ll pop

An Old Friend Returns (100g)

Escape the Hideout

Who’s been missing from AC? Of course, Vidic, how’re you doing buddy? Basically, kill the guards, chase Vidic, go in a van, finish the credits and done

Myth Maker (5g)

Collect all the statues in Monteriggioni

Credit to Kappukeki88

Vitruvian Man (20g)

Unlock all of Subject 16’s video

Credit to MrKennyKRH

Street Cleaner (10g)

Hide 5 dead bodies in a hay bale

^ What the achievement said

Fly Swatter (5g)

Kick a guard using a flying machine

This is the hand glider from Leonardo and you have to get this during the mission with the thieves (not the mission where you test it out) otherwise you’ll have to make another playthrough for it.

Messer Sandman (10g)

Stun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face

First you must see the trainer in Monteriggioni and learn how to throw sand before you can try it out on guards.

Doctor (20g)

Perform and air-assassination on a poisoned NPC

Learnt from Lorenzo’s codex page you give to Leonardo to decipher, you stab a guard with a poisoned blade and climb a building before assassinating him. Piece of cake depending on the amount of guards. If you get swarmed, just use a smoke bomb and single out the poisoned guard.

No-Hitter (20g)

Kill ten enemies while in conflict without getting hit

The easy way is to get enough guards together before throwing smoke bombs and assassinating the guards.

Kleptomaniac (10g)

Steal 1000 florins

Walk past people in the streets while holding A to steal their money. Just keep doing this over the course of the game otherwise you might be bored to death doing it at once.

Lightning Strike (10g)

Sprint for 100 meters

Just sprint around the map and you’re done basically. You’ll definitely get this over the course of the game.

Sweeper (10g)

Sweep 5 guards by using a long weapon

You need to see the trainer in Monteriggioni to learn how to sweep. Steal a long weapon from a heavy guard and hold X to sweep 5 guards nearby

Tomb Achievements (total 100g)

Discover and complete all of the assassin tombs

^ What the achievement said

Assassin for Hire (10g)

Complete an assassination contract for Lorenzo

Accept an assassination contract after Sequence 4 and complete it to unlock

Macho Man (10g)

Defend a woman’s honour

You’ll get this by completing Claudia’s mission in Florence

Steal Home (10g)

Win a race against thieves

Look for the checkered icon on the map and complete that mission to unlock

Show your Colours (10g)

Wear the Auditore cape in each city

Collect all the feathers to unlock the cape and walk into each city with it

(Note – you must also visit the mountain area where you escorted Leonardo)

Handy Man (10g)

Upgrade a building in the stronghold

In Sequence 4, you can renovate Monteriggioni; just pick a building to renovate and it’ll unlock

I like the View (10g)

Synchronise 10 view points

^ What the achievement said

High Dive (10g)

Leap of Faith off the top of Florence’s Giotto’s Campanile

This can be done early in the game when you have to beat up your sister’s boyfriend. He’s standing right next to the building so just climb up the building, synch and leap off into a hay bale to unlock

Mailman (10g)

Intercept a Borgia Courier

Either tackle or kill the courier who is highlighted on the map by a red moving icon

Tip of the Iceberg (10g)

Scan a Glyph

While in Eagle vision, find the glowing image on the side of a specific building and hold Y to scan it

A piece of the Puzzle (10g)

Unlock a piece of Subject 16’s video

After scanning the glyph, just complete the puzzle and it’ll unlock

Art Connoisseur (10g)

Buy a painting from Florence and Venice

^ What the achievement said

Podesta of Monteriggioni (30g)

Reach 80% of the stronghold’s total value

Upgrade the city, Ezio’s equipment as well as collecting feathers, statues, etc. and this should pop up eventually

Perfect Harmony (10g)

Tint your clothes with the colours Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory

You need to see a tailor in Romagna/Forli to buy the dyes

In Memory of Petruccio (30g)

Collect all the feathers

Credit to TQcast for this video showing the areas where you can find the feathers

Red Light Addict (10g)

Spend 5000 florins on Courtesans

You need to recruit courtesans 34 times to unlock this

Man of the People (10g)

Toss more than 300 florins onto the ground

Select the money icon on the radial menu and walk around pressing X to throw coins onto the ground. You need to do this at least 30 times.

Victory lies in Preparation (10g)

Get all hidden blades, item pouches and armour upgrades for Ezio

Blades – All the blades are given to you by Leonardo eventually

Item Pouches – You need the large and medium sized pouches for medicine, poison and knives

Armour Upgrades – You need all the Leather, Helmschmied, Metal and Missaglias armour upgrades

Well, that’s all the achievements!

I hope this guide has been helpful and I’ll see you guys later.

~Emma (TechnoNerd47)


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