Achievement Guide

Hello fellow assassins,

Emma here with an achievement guide for any completionists out there

Total achievements: 44 (14 are story-based and you’ll get them by just completing the game)

DLC achievements: 0 (no DLC available)

Online Achievements: 0

Missable Achievements: Hungerer of Knowledge/ Conversationalist/ Disciple of the Creed/ Blade in the Crowd

The Eagle and the Apple (100g)

Complete AC

Absolute Symbiosis (45g)

Have a complete synchronisation bar

Synch view points, save citizens and gain ranks from Al Mualim and this will pop up. You need to complete all these tasks for it to unlock

All secret achievements are unlocked by assassinating all your targets and just completing the game

Personal Vendetta (40g)

Kill every templar

Okay, this one isn’t difficult, it just takes a lot of time to find them and possibly longer to kill them depending on guards, your combat skill, etc. Anyway, here’s a video guide showing the templar locations:

0:00 to 2:39 – Jerusalem Rich District

2:40 to 5:00 – Jerusalem Middle District

5:01 to 7:30 – Jerusalem Poor District

7:31 to 9:30 – Damascus Poor District

9:31 to 11:30 – Damascus Middle District

11:31 to 14:00 – Damascus Rich District

14:01 to 16:30 – Acre Poor District

16:31 to 18:30 – Acre Middle District

18:31 to 21:10 – Acre Rich District

The rest of the time shows all the templars in The Kingdom

Fearless (25g)

Complete all Reach High Points

Again, fairly easy: just look for the bird symbol on your map, climb up the tower where the symbol is and synchronise at the highest point.

Hungerer of Knowledge (20g)

See 85% of all the memory glitches

Basically, when watching a cutscene in the game, at some points a flash of blue hexagons will travel across the screen: that’s a memory glitch.

By pressing A, the camera will change to a different angle to see what’s happening more clearly. Just keep doing this every time you see the glitch and you’ll unlock it eventually.

Defender of the People: Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem (3 achievements) (20g each)

Complete all the free missions in each of the cities

Just rescue all the civilians being harassed by guards in each district of the cities. By saving them, you unlock vigilantes who fend off guards who are chasing/attacking you or scholars who are a moving hiding spot.

If you can’t find any citizens on the map, climb a nearby viewpoint (look for the bird symbol) and synchronise to show nearby citizens.

Conversationalist (20g but it really should have been at least 50g)

Have every conversation with Lucy

You have to be really careful with this one because it only counts if you have every conversation on a single play through. Meaning, if you miss even one, you’ll have to play the entire game again to get the achievement. Here’s a list of all the conversations you have to have:

Memory Block 1 – After Vidic says you should get some rest, wait a few seconds for Vidic to leave so you’re alone with Lucy. Walk up to her and press a button to make Lucy and Desmond talk about his past. When she walks away, don’t leave, just keep pressing a button next to her to talk to her until she repeats comments like ‘Aren’t you tired?’

Memory Block 2 – After you leave the animus, Vidic will leave. Keep talking to her and she’ll talk about a deadline, the English translation in the animus, and Abstergo. When you run out of topics, she’ll repeat the same comments.

Memory Block 3 – After you leave the animus, Vidic will leave you with Lucy. You’ll talk to her about the animus and her being kidnapped before repeating comments.

Memory Block 4 – After you leave the animus, you have a bunch of story dialogue with Lucy but nothing interactive. When you two stop talking, you can go back to your room.

Memory Block 5 – After you leave the animus, Vidic will leave and you talk to Lucy about Desmond’s last memory. When she heads to Vidic’s computer, talk to her about Pieces of Eden and a accident at an underground facility. Then, she’ll just repeat comments.

Memory Block 6 – After killing Robert and leaving the Animus, Vidic leaves and you talk to Lucy. She apologises about an event and the dialogue ends. After it ends, you should get the achievement (finally)

Overall, just stalk her every chance you get until she repeats the same comments and you should get it.

Disciple of the Creed (30g)

Kill all targets with a full DNA bar

Focus on your target and, if possible, use your hidden blade before they notice you. If you get hit after they’re dead, it won’t matter so try and kill the target first.

If you’re surrounded by guards and the target, get into a defensive stance and be ready to counter at all times until you can thin their numbers.

If the guards are stopping you from reaching a target, that’s when the lovely vigilantes will be a massive help. Otherwise, sprint as fast as you can to your target and when you get close enough, press X and you’ll jump on top of them and kill them.

Eagle’s Will (20g)

Kill 100 enemies without dying

Notice it didn’t say kill 100 enemies in a row. You should get this over the course of the game, just pick off a couple of guards at a time and kill them and you’ll get it. It’s probably easiest if you kill the guards on the rooftops because they won’t be in groups and you won’t suddenly be attacked by another group of guards (unless the body falls on top of the guards, so try and kill them away from the edge of the roof)

There is a glitch for this but I’m not sure if it’s been patched or not. I’ll post it in the Glitches section on the website eventually

Eagle’s Flight (20g)

Last 10 minutes in open conflict

This may lead you to think you’ll actually have to fight the guards. Nope, you just have to camp (well, you can attack them if you want but it’ll be more difficult than just camping). Anyway, to do this, get a small group or one guard to attack you, climb a viewpoint, sit their for ten minutes, boom there’s your 20g.

Or if you want to fight, get a small group of guards to attack you, hold down RT, sit their for 10 minutes, done. Try not to attack or counter them because you may accidentally kill them and ruin the achievement. It’s best to do this method early in the game otherwise you’ll have to keep an eye on the screen to counter any grabs they try to do to you.

Eagle’s Prey (20g)

Assassinate 100 targets

Just go mental and use the hidden blade to assassinate a bunch of guards and you’re done

Blade in the Crowd (30g)

Kill one of your targets like a true assassin

It’s easiest to do this to your first target in Damascus. Wait until he’s looking at a stall,make sure the guards don’t see you (better to try this on the roof) use the hidden blade and assassinate him.

Eagle’s Challenge (20g)

Defeat 20 guards in a single fight

Get a large group, if not run around the area to attract more guards, counter and pick them off one by one and you’ll eventually get it.

Eagle’s Swiftness (20g)

Perform 100 counter kills in fights (have to unlock counter skill)

When fighting, hold RT and when the guards attack, counter them. You’ll get this over the course of the game, and I doubt it but if you forget how to counter, just go to the ring in Masyaf.

Eagle’s Dive (20g – anyone getting Deja Vu here?)

Perform 50 combo kills in fights (have to unlock combo skill)

This can be annoying (especially for me) but basically, during a fight when you attack someone, immediately tap X afterwards to perform a combo attack.

You should do a very quick attack and not a normal attack like you would if you just spammed the X button. Keep doing that and you’ll eventually get it but if you’re having trouble, practise at Masyaf.

Eagle’s Talon (15g)

Perform 50 stealth assassinations

Kills guards with the hidden blade without them noticing you and you’ll get it eventually

Eagle’s Dance (10g)

Perform 50 leap of faiths

You’ll get most of these when jumping off of viewpoints into haystacks but whenever you’re on the rooftops and you see a haystack, run and jump and you should leap into the haystack. You’ll know when you’ve done it because Altair with spread his arms out like an Eagle and you’ll hear a noise.

The Hands of a Thief (15g)

Pickpocket 200 throwing knives (have to unlock throwing knives)

Basically, when you see the fat men with large brown belts, pickpocket them and you’ll collect some throwing knives. It’s quicker near the end of the game when you’re allowed to carry more knives.

March of the Pious (5g)

Blend with scholars 20 times

Just keep pressing A in a group of scholars and it’ll pop up

Eagle’s Eye (15g)

Kill 75 guards with throwing knives (have to unlock throwing knives)

Find a guard, throw a knife, kill him and repeat 74 more times. Done

Enemy of the Poor (5g)

Grab and throw 25 harassers

You know the people who keep stalking you and asking for money? Just throw them and you’ll get the achievement. I didn’t even know this was an achievement until it popped up. I just threw them everywhere because they were annoying.

Gifted Escapist (5g)

Jump through 20 merchant stands (have to unlock skill)

Keep jumping through a stall repeatedly and you’re done

Keeper of (insert flag achievement name here) (total worth 105g)

Here are the guides for each flag location –




Kingdom (I hate these so much)

Acre – Poor District

Acre – Middle District

Acre – Rich District

That’s all, if there’s any achievements I haven’t listed, they’re story-based and you’ll unlock them by just completing the game.

Hope the guide helps!


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