Borderlands is a role-playing FPS set on the hostile planet, Pandora, where the local wildlife (for example, Skags) and people like the bandits (for example, midget psycho…yes, midget psycho) will constantly try to kill you in your search for The Vault.

Four playable characters (you have the chance for you and three others to play the story together:

  • Lilith ‘The Siren’ (the only girl in the list and a personal favourite due to her magic abilities)
  • Brick ‘Brick’ (the man of muscle can definitely take a hit since one of his weapons is his own fists)
  • Mordecai ‘The Hunter’ (The distant class given his sniper but the sword on his back isn’t for show)
  • Roland ‘The Soldier’ (Your basic warrior equipped with rifles and shotguns, he’s not one to mess with)


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