FNG (Fucking New Guy)FNG (Fucking New Guy)Default Multiplayer Title
CommanderCommanderLevel up to Rank 80
The PrestigeThe PrestigePrestige Once
SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)Level up to Rank 2
SargeSargeReach Prestige 1 Rank 25
Round 2Round 2Prestige Twice
Sgt.Sgt.Level up to Rank 20
30 Something30 SomethingReach Prestige 1 Rank 35
Third Time CharmThird Time CharmPrestige Three Times
1st Sgt.1st Sgt.Level up to Rank 28
High CommandHigh CommandReach Prestige 1 Rank 45
4 the Record4 the RecordPrestige Four Times
1st Lt.1st Lt.Level up to Rank 44
A Major PainA Major PainReach Prestige 1 Rank 55
Five Sided FistagonFive Sided FistagonPrestige Five Times
Maj.Maj.Level up to Rank 52
SchooledSchooledReach Prestige 1 Rank 65
Six Feet UnderSix Feet UnderPrestige Six Times
Gen.Gen.Level up to Rank 76
Back AgainBack AgainReach Prestige 1 Rank 75
Lucky 7Lucky 7Prestige Seven Times

Hard EightHard EightPrestige Eight Times
NBKNBKGet 3 longshots in one life
So IntenseSo IntenseDefuse 2 Bombs
9 Lives9 LivesPrestige Nine Times
FlyswatterFlyswatterShoot down an enemy helicopter
QuickdrawQuickdrawHurt an enemy with your primary, finish them with a secondary
Prestige 10Prestige 10Prestige Ten Times
Early DetectionEarly DetectionKill 3 enemies during bomb plants
Enemy of the StateEnemy of the StateKill 3 enemies as the last man standing
Far SuperiorFar SuperiorBuy the Regular Package in the prestige shop
Cluster BombCluster BombKill 5 enemies with one air strike
Absentee KillerAbsentee KillerUse a Sentry Gun to get the game Killcam
Supreme BeingSupreme BeingBuy the Hardened Package in the prestige shop
Bombs AwayBombs AwayKill 6 enemies with one stealth bomber
RivalRivalKill the same player 5 times in a single game
Pure TalentPure TalentBuy the Veteran Package in the prestige shop
The Mad BomberThe Mad BomberPlant two bombs
Elite FounderElite FounderUnlocked using Call of Duty Elite (Founder status)
EliteEliteUnlocked using Call of Duty Elite (Elite Member)
Blue BulletBlue BulletCall of Duty Elite (Clan level 5)
GryphonGryphonCall of Duty Elite (Clan level 15)

HunterHunterCall of Duty Elite (Clan level 30)
GorillaGorillaCall of Duty Elite (Clan level 40)
HorseHorseCall of Duty Elite (Clan level 50)
No. 1 StunnerNo. 1 StunnerKill an enemy with a stun grenade direct impact
Explosive OrdinanceExplosive OrdinanceWin 15 S&D matches
SidekickSidekick3 kills in one life with your secondary weapon
The DenierThe DenierKill an enemy before they get a 10 killstreak
AfterburnerAfterburnerCall in an airstrike twice in a game
Death From AboveDeath From AboveUse an AC-130 in a Killcam
The InvincibleThe InvincibleGet 5 health regenerations in a row
Top GunTop GunCall in 2 attack helicopters in one game
New JackNew JackUse a throwing knife to get a payback
Hard TargetHard TargetShoot & kill 2 players while in midair
Live LongLive LongStay alive for five minutes in a row
The LegendThe LegendBe the last man standing in a S&D game
WargasmWargasmGet all of your killstreak rewards in 20 seconds
FlatlinerFlatlinerGet a 3 killstreak while your screen is flashing red
TransformerTransformerUse a Pave Low in the final Killcam
The MastodonThe MastodonFinish a match with a kill/death ratio of 5:1
The AvengerThe AvengerKill a player who recently killed your teammate
Blood BrothersBlood BrothersWin 15 Team Deathmatch games

All Your BaseAll Your BaseKill the entire enemy team without dying
Tag! You're it!Tag! You’re it!Kill 5 enemies with thrown back grenades
Stun GunStun GunKill an enemy while affected by a stun grenade
The Bigger They Are...The Bigger They Are…Kill the top player 3 times in a row
Laying the BoomLaying the BoomKill a bomb carrier in S&D or Sabotage
Smile for the Camera!Smile for the Camera!Use a Predator Missile in the final Killcam
Stuck on YouStuck on YouStick 15 enemies with semtex grenades
Techno KillerTechno KillerUse a Stealth Bomber in the final Killcam
UnbelievableUnbelievableUse a Throwing Knife in the final Killcam
StickmanStickmanUse a stuck Semtex in the final Killcam
The Harder They FallThe Harder They FallKill the top player 5 times in a row
OGOGUse a Attack Helicopter in the final Killcam
Blunt TraumaBlunt TraumaKill 2 enemies with a riot shield melee
OwnedOwnedUse a Riot Shield melee in the final Killcam
It's PersonalIt’s PersonalDamage an enemy and kill them with a throwing knife
Money ShotMoney ShotGet a game winning killcam with a payback
RainmakerRainmakerGet a payback by sticking an enemy with a semtex
Time is MoneyTime is MoneyGet 5 payback kills using semtex
Dishes are DoneDishes are DoneGet a payback by using a claymore
The Domino EffectThe Domino EffectKill someone by setting off a chain reaction of explosives
I'm RichI’m RichGet 5 payback kills using C4

DevastatorDevastatorKill every member of the other team in a game
Public EnemyPublic EnemyBe the MVP in a game of Team Deathmatch
Mad ManMad ManGet 5 payback kills with frag grenades
OmnicideOmnicideKill the entire team within 10 seconds
Accident ProneAccident ProneFall 15 foot or more and survive
Blood MoneyBlood MoneyGet 5 payback kills with headshots
BacksmasherBacksmasherKill an enemy with a riot shield melee from behind
NoNoKill an enemy who is cooking a frag grenade
Heads UpHeads UpKill an enemy by dropping a care package on them
StreakerStreakerGet a 10 killstreak in one game
Smash HitSmash HitGet a 3 killstreak with the riot shield melee
Droppin' CratesDroppin’ CratesDrop a crate on an enemy in the final Killcam
Mach 5Mach 5Fire an entire SMG magazine without missing an enemy
To The ExtremeTo The ExtremeBe the MVP in a Hardcore Team Match
The RipperThe RipperGet a 3 killstreak using your knife
DrifterDrifterDestroy a car
All ProAll ProHeadshot 2 enemies with the same bullet
SurgicalSurgicalFire an entire assault magazine without missing
SurvivorSurvivorGet a knife kill after your ammo has emptied
KleptomaniacKleptomaniacKill 3 enemies with 3 different weapons in one life
Enemy with BenefitsEnemy with BenefitsKill more than one enemy with a stuck semtex

Lights OutLights OutKill an enemy with a flashbang direct impact
<3<3Kill an enemy by cooking a grenade until it kills you
How the?How the?Kill an enemy by shooting an explosive through a wall
Dark BringerDark BringerPrevent 25 tactical insertions
ToxicToxicGet killed by a MOAB (Mother of all Bombs)
Skeet ShooterSkeet ShooterKill an enemy who is in mid-air
PerfectionistPerfectionistFire an entire sniper magazine without missing
Living DeadLiving DeadSurvive a final stand
Reversal of FortuneReversal of FortuneKill 10 enemies by shooting a claymore
SilenceSilenceKill with a throwing knife while blind/stunned
InfectedInfectedGet knifed by someone using this title
UAV RaysUAV RaysUse a counter UAV 3 times in a single match
Bow DownBow Down15 overall kills whilst crouching
TacDelTacDelKill 25 players spawned using tactical insertions
MartyrMartyrGet a kill with the martyrdom deathstreak
Pushin' DaisiesPushin’ DaisiesFall 30 feet or more to your death
RejectedRejectedDestroy 5 enemy equipment places
Friends with BenefitsFriends with BenefitsKill an enemy by sticking a semtex to an ally
TransferTransferStab someone who is using the STD title
BoilermakerBoilermakerKill 5 enemies by destroying cars
Think FastThink FastKill an enemy with a frag grenade direct impact

Take a StabTake a StabKill 15 enemies with a throwing knife overall
Pineapple ExpressPineapple ExpressKill 25 enemies with grenades
Noob TuberNoob TuberKill an enemy with a grenade launcher direct impact
Behind Enemy LinesBehind Enemy LinesGet a 10 killstreak with no killstreak rewards active
BAM!BAM!Kill 10 enemies with cooked grenades
Smoke GrenadeSmoke GrenadeKill 25 enemies inside your smoke grenades
The SpecialistThe SpecialistEarn all perks using specialist 8 times
BouncerBouncerKill 15 enemies with bouncing betties
ScramblerScramblerKill 25 enemies within range of your scrambler
Crackin' SkullsCrackin’ Skulls25 headshots using an assault rifle
No BoomNo BoomStop 25 projectiles by using a trophy system
Portable RadarPortable RadarKill 25 enemies within range of your portable radar
FlashbangFlashbangFlash 25 enemies with flashbangs
The AnarchistThe AnarchistKill 2 or more enemies with C4 25 times
HighlanderHighlanderPlay a full length match without dying
ConcussionConcussionStun 25 enemies with stun grenades
Hardcore OnlyHardcore OnlyWin 5 Hardcore Team Deathmatch games
BackstabberBackstabberStab an enemy in the back
EMP GrenadeEMP GrenadeEffect enemies 25 times with the EMP grenade
AmbushAmbushKill multiple enemies with one claymore
The FearedThe FearedPlace within the top 3 in 5 Free-For-All games

Pin PullerPin PullerKill multiple enemies with frag grenades 25 times
Sentry GunSentry GunGet 1000 kills with a sentry gun
Ghillie in the MistGhillie in the MistGet 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles
Ta Da!Ta Da!Tactically insert & kill within 5 seconds 25 times
Precision AirstrikePrecision AirstrikeGet 1000 kills with the precision airstrike
Low ProfileLow ProfileKill 15 enemies while you are prone
Joint OpsJoint OpsGet 15 assists overall
Attack HelicopterAttack HelicopterGet 1000 kills with the attack helicopter
BOOM! HeadshotBOOM! HeadshotKill 25 enemies with headshots with LMGs
UnbreakableUnbreakableDeflect 100 explosions with a riot shield
Pave LowPave LowGet 1000 kills with a Pave Low
C4 and AfterC4 and AfterKill 15 enemies with C4
Protect and ServeProtect and ServeAbsorb 50,000 damage with a riot shield
Stealth BomberStealth BomberGet 1000 kills with a Stealth Bomber
IntergalacticIntergalacticWin 20 games of Sabotage
BulletproofBulletproofDeflect 50,000 bullets with a Riot shield
AC-130AC-130Get 1000 kills with a AC-130
Pop OffPop OffGet 25 headshots while using SMGs
BlademasterBlademasterKnife 250 enemies
UnstoppableUnstoppableReach Level 15 in all Spec Ops Survival maps
The StandThe StandKill 100 enemies in final stand

The SilentThe SilentKill 1000 enemies with a silenced weapon
Over AchieverOver AchieverEarn 3 stars in all Spec Ops missions
Recon ProRecon ProPaint 300 enemies using Recon
Marksman ProMarksman Pro125 kills while holding breath using Marksman
The FlashThe FlashKill 300 enemies dazed by flashbangs
Hardline ProHardline ProGet 200 killstreaks using Hardline
Steady Aim ProSteady Aim ProGet 300 hipfire kills using Steady Aim
The StunnerThe StunnerKill 300 enemies dazed by stun grenades
Assasin ProAssasin ProGet 50 kills under enemy UAV using Assassin
Dead Silence ProDead Silence ProGet 125 close range kills using Dead Silence
Extreme Conditioning ProExtreme Conditioning ProSprint 40 miles using Extreme Conditioning
Quickdraw ProQuickdraw Pro200 kills within seconds of aiming using Quickdraw
Stalker ProStalker ProGet 300 kills while ADS using Stalker
Sleight of Hand ProSleight of Hand ProGet 300 kills while using Sleight of Hand
Overkill ProOverkill ProGet 300 kills with your second primary weapon
KickKick300 kills while ADS using Kick proficiency
Scavenger ProScavenger ProResupply 250 times while using Scavenger
Blast Shield ProBlast Shield ProSurvive 50 explosions while using Blast Shield
ImpactImpactKill 300 enemys using bullet penetration with Impact
Blind Eye ProBlind Eye ProDestroy 100 enemy killstreak rewards using Blind Eye
SitRep ProSitRep ProDestroy 125 enemy devices while using SitRep

AttachmentsAttachmentsKill 300 enemys while using 2 attachments on your gun
FocusFocusUse Focus to kill 300 enemies that have shot you
UAV ExpertUAV ExpertCall in 150 assault UAVs
AH-6 ExpertAH-6 ExpertCall in 40 AH-6 Overwatches
BreathBreathUse Breath to kill 300 enemies while ADS
Care Package ExpertCare Package ExpertCall in 150 care packages
Assault Drone ExpertAssault Drone ExpertCall in 40 Assault Drones
StabilityStabilityUse Stability to kill 300 enemies while ADS
IMS ExpertIMS ExpertCall in 150 I.M.S
Pave Low ExpertPave Low ExpertCall in 40 Pave Lows
RangeRangeUse Range to kill 300 enemies
Sentry ExpertSentry ExpertCall in 150 Sentry Guns
Juggernaut ExpertJuggernaut ExpertCall in 40 Juggernauts
MeleeMeleeUse Melee to kill 300 enemies with melee
Airstrike ExpertAirstrike ExpertCall in 150 Precision Airstrikes
UAV ExpertUAV ExpertCall in 150 Support UAVs
SpeedSpeedKill 300 enemies while using Speed
Helicopter ExpertHelicopter ExpertCall in 150 Attack Helicopters
Counter UAV ExpertCounter UAV ExpertCall in 150 Counter UAVs
DamageDamageUse Damage proficiency to kill 300 enemies
Strafe Run ExpertStrafe Run ExpertCall in 40 Strafe Runs

Vest ExpertVest ExpertDeploy 150 Ballistic Vest packages
Airdrop Trap ExpertAirdrop Trap ExpertCall in 150 Airdrop Traps
Escort Airdrop ExpertEscort Airdrop ExpertCall in 40 Escort Airdrops
Assassin SpecialistAssassin SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Assassin 150 times
SAM ExpertSAM ExpertCall in 150 SAM turrets
Sprint SpecialistSprint SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Sprint 150 times
Quickdraw SpecialistQuickdraw SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Quickdraw 150 times
Advanced UAV ExpertAdvanced UAV ExpertCall in 150 Advanced UAVs
Reload SpecialistReload SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Sleight of Hand 150 times
Blast Shield SpecialistBlast Shield SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Blast Shield 150 times
Remote Sentry ExpertRemote Sentry ExpertCall in 150 Remote Sentries
Scavenger SpecialistScavenger SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Scavenger 150 times
SitRep SpecialistSitRep SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn SitRep 150 times
Stealth AirstrikeStealth AirstrikeCall in 150 Stealth Bombers
Blindeye SpecialistBlindeye SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Blind Eye 150 times
Marksman SpecialistMarksman SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Marksman 150 times
EMP ExpertEMP ExpertCall in 150 EMPs
Recon SpecialistRecon SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Recon 150 times
Marksman SpecialistMarksman SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Steady Aim 150 times
Juggernaut ExpertJuggernaut ExpertCall in 150 Juggernaut Recons
Hardline SpecialistHardline SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Hardline 150 times

Silence SpecialistSilence SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Silence 150 times
Stalker SpecialistStalker SpecialistUsing Specialist, earn Stalker 150 times
All Weapons (Silver)All Weapons (Silver)Get 500 kills with this weapon
All Weapons (2500)All Weapons (2500)Get 2500 kills with this weapon
All Weapons (Prestige)All Weapons (Prestige)Get 1000 headshots with this weapon
All Weapons (Headshot Silver)All Weapons (Headshot Silver)Get 250 headshots with this weapon
Riot Shield (Silver)Riot Shield (Silver)Kill 15 enemies with the shield melee attack
All Weapons (Gold)All Weapons (Gold)Reach maximum weapon proficiency
USAUSAUnlocked by default
AustraliaAustraliaUnlocked by default
JapanJapanUnlocked by default
UKUKUnlocked by default
SpainSpainUnlocked by default
BrazilBrazilUnlocked by default
CanadaCanadaUnlocked by default
AustriaAustriaUnlocked by default
SwitzerlandSwitzerlandUnlocked by default
FranceFranceUnlocked by default
GermanyGermanyUnlocked by default
RussiaRussiaUnlocked by default
MexicoMexicoUnlocked by default

ItalyItalyUnlocked by default
NorwayNorwayUnlocked by default
GreeceGreeceUnlocked by default
SwedenSwedenUnlocked by default
IrelandIrelandUnlocked by default
BelgiumBelgiumUnlocked by default
FinlandFinlandUnlocked by default
LuxembourgLuxembourgUnlocked by default
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicUnlocked by default
NetherlandsNetherlandsUnlocked by default
New ZealandNew ZealandUnlocked by default
PhilippinesPhilippinesUnlocked by default
PolandPolandUnlocked by default
PortugalPortugalUnlocked by default
DenmarkDenmarkUnlocked by default
Saudi ArabiaSaudi ArabiaUnlocked by default
SingaporeSingaporeUnlocked by default
South AfricaSouth AfricaUnlocked by default
South KoreaSouth KoreaUnlocked by default
Hong KongHong KongUnlocked by default
IndiaIndiaUnlocked by default

TaiwanTaiwanUnlocked by default
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesUnlocked by default
El SalvadorEl SalvadorUnlocked by default
ChinaChinaUnlocked by default
IranIranUnlocked by default
TurkeyTurkeyUnlocked by default

All material and the Modern Warfare name is copyright of Activision. This site is not affiliated with Activision or Infinity Ward.

~Joe Foster ( AcidAttackz – Co-Owner )


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