Xbox One

Xbox One 2-580-100

The Xbox One is designed by Microsoft and is the most expensive console they have ever built. The Xbox One now comes with Kinect where they have tried to improve motion gaming.


This is the brand new Kinect for the Xbox One.

Play Station 4


This is Sony’s brand new console, the Play Station 4, which is a fantastic console: the graphics are wonderful and the gaming experience is epic. Personally this is the better console of the 21 century.

It is rumoured that the PS4 may come in many colours but white and black are confirmed.

MJ2g4TPThese are the possible colours for the PS4 but remember it may only come out in black and white.



This is Nintendo’s brand new version  of the WII which has tried to be transferred into a interdependent console by adding the tablet controller but as we all know it will always be a family console. It still comes with the normal controllers as well. The WII U will still come in the normal colours of black and white.

Wii-U-Gamepad   This is the new tablet for the WII U which can be used for any games.



This is the brand new PSP from Sony which is the Play Station Portable. It comes with the brand new touch screen which increases the better gameplay that all gamer’s want in a small device like the PS Vita but even though it is a touch screen they have still have given the option of the old key pads and buttons.

The down side to the PS Vita is that you can’t play the old games on the new devices.


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