Call of Duty: Ghosts New Micro DLC – (May 20th)

Here we go guys, 1 week from yesterday May 13th, a bunch of awesome camos and micro items have been leaked on the Xbox One Call of Duty Ghosts store and I managed to get you some sample picture of all the new micro items of DLC. So here we go! [click any of the pictures below to enlarge them]

  • Firstly next Tuesday, we’ll be getting an Astronaut Special Character suit to run around the map in and terrorise are enermies!

*This one will easily become a fan favourite very fast!*

CoD Ghosts Astronaut Special Character Suit

  • Secondly for players who didn’t pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts will be getting access to the Spectrum Camo, Patch, Playercard, Player Background and some new Spectrum Designed character.

This one will be around £3.49 in the UK, same price as a Legend pack.

CoD Ghosts Spectrum Camo Pack

..and now the better part of the DLC, the camo packs:
CoD Ghosts Unicorn Camo Pack CoD Ghosts Extinction Camo Pack CoD Ghosts Bling Camo Pack CoD Ghosts Koi Camo Pack CoD Ghosts Heavy Metal Camo Pack CoD Ghosts Fitness Camo Pack

As we can see above, the Unicorn Camo pack will be a crazy like camo that is within this pack just to throw off some of the fans and encourage them to go a bit beyond the usual expectation of a camo.

The Extinction Personalisation pack will accompany the Extinction Character pack released earlier last month.

Bling camo was leaked around Call of Duty Ghosts for a while now and it has finally been made purchasable, like the Weed Camo.

Fitness camo brings another green styled camo into Call of Duty Ghosts just like the Weed and Makarov camo’s released previously.

Heavy Metal see a very colourful and cartoon like camo arrive in Call of Duty Ghosts, a cross between the Graffiti and Comics camo from last years Call of Duty game Black Ops 2.

Finally the Koi camo with a Japanese Oriental theme to it reminds me of the Heartlands camo we receive for Call of Duty Ghosts only a few weeks ago.

*Link to the BLING camo original image!*

Here is a brief video from Ali-A talking about these new camos and what they will be like;

“UNICORN DLC!?” – Call of Duty: Ghosts – (CRAZY New Camos)

What do you think? Click here to check out the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare camo released earlier today! Make sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on whether or not you will download this content pack or not!

*Also Click here to see the full coverage on my website:*

Full credit goes to Ali-A, creator of this video content showed above!




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